PokerStars Review

When it comes to online poker websites, PokerStars is, without a doubt, the largest and most highly regarded in the industry. While this article was being written, there were over 119,000 players online. Additionally, there were over 4,700 tournaments currently underway!

So, how has PokerStars been able to attract so many members?  Simply put, they provide everything that people expect and want from an online poker website.  It also doesn't hurt that their website is endorsed by some of the biggest names in professional poker, including the high school dropout turned poker sensation, Daniel Negreanu.

Because the website has such a large amount of members, they have the ability to offer a lot of great promotions to their members.  Whether it's a sign-up bonus, a chance to win a seat in a major poker event such as the World Series of Poker's Main Event or charity tournaments with amazing prizes such as an exclusive trip to Vienna, you can always count on PokerStars to keep you engaged and excited with their latest and greatest promotions.

In addition to their wonderful promotions, PokerStars also offers an excellent rewards program. Called the VIP Club, your membership in the PokerStars rewards program begins from the minute that you sign-up with the website. As you play more, you will continuously accumulate points. These points will determine your level in the VIP Club. As your VIP Club level increases, your potential rewards and access to special events will also increase.

Because they offer the full online poker experience, PokerStars is one of the internet's best places to go when you're ready to play top of the line poker!

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